Directors: Martín Benchimol – Pablo Aparo


Ernestina is a small town of 150 people, the setting of a documentary as suspenseful and tense as any fiction film. The peculiar characters which inhabit it introduce us to the acts of vandalism committed by the people visiting the river. The townspeople hired private security, something which may have solved the problem. Nevertheless, as soon as the filmmakers begin shooting the documentary, funny business start happening. What is really going on in Ernestina? The film invites us to humorously approach the bizarre in this town, the singular life of its inhabitants and the enigma of the River People.


  • Produced by Bunda
  • DoP: Martín Benchimol
  • Editor: Pablo Aparo
  • Sound Post-production: TRES SONIDO – Leandro De Loredo
  • Colorist: Manuel Bullrich
  • VFX: Estudio Guarda!


  • Mention from the Jury for Best Documentary DOCSDF 2013 (Mexico)
  • Mention from the Jury for Best Documentary Flandes Latin American Film Festival 2013 (Belgium)
  • Nominee for Best Documentary 4th Cinema Tropical Awards of New York